Frequently Asked Questions

• Can it be used in case of gas heaters?
Yes, but it may occur, that the pressure regulator of the heater sensors resistance and it does not
light the gas flame. In this case, it is advisable to open another water tap as well, thus balancing the

• Can SPA showers and taps be used with well water as well?
The water of wells can contain dirt and pollutants of unknown origin, which are not included in the
tests. Therefore, we do not advise the usage of well water, use running water instead.

• How long can Filter Capsules be used? They have to be changed if the colour of the golden charge/load
changes to blue – grey – black. It depends on the pollution of the water. The bonding of heavy metals
causes the change of colours.

• What do we have to do if we experience the decrease of water pressure
Unscrew the Multifunctional shower from the intubation tube. After it, unscrew the screw thread at the end
of the shower handle with the help of an appropriate 12 wrench. Take out the thin filter, which is between
the handle and the screw thread. This filter keeps away the physical pollutants of the pipe system from the
Filter capsule. Clean the filter, put it back into the handle, and then fasten it back to the shower pipe.